IT support services

Quality is our #1 Priority.

Convenient Service

We service equipment at either your location or ours. Our store contains a state-of-the-art repair facility where we can repair virtually any type of computer or printer. We can also pick up your hardware, service, and return to your location. Our employees are well-trained and certified in repair and are well-versed in customer service. Contact us Today! Check out our references!

Knowledgeable Service

Your computer systems and networks are vital to your business operations and we take that to heart. With Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, and A+ Certified Technicians, we know what we are doing when we service your equipment.

Computer Diagnostics

We will get to the heart of the matter and figure out the problem through a series of system checks and diagnostics. Then, we'll advise you on the best course of action for you to take to get your PC or MAC running smoothly again.

Computer Cleaning

Dust particles in your computer case can shorten the life of your PC or MAC by blocking essential airflow to the system causing damage. We will decontaminate your computer to help prevent system overheating.

Computer Organization

Your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it running and in good working order. This service includes system tweaks that will shorten your computer's boot time, deleting unwanted files and unnecessary background processes. We will bring your system up to speed with the most recent updates to guard against security threats, and if needed, defragment your hard drive.

PC Setup & Customization

When purchasing a new computer, you can have it personalized to your precise computing needs!

Software Installation

From a single program to an entire software suite, we will repair, troubleshoot, or install software as well as all the critical updates. We will also test it for proper functionality.

Operating System Installation

Installation of the latest version of Microsoft® Windows that best suits you and your computer. We will also install all critical system updates.

Hardware Installation

The Ciphertek technicians are ready to install any compatible internal or external hardware devices onto your desktop or laptop. Graphics/video card, memory, hard drives, and optical drives are examples of what this service includes.

Training For You

Ciphertek Systems will come to your home or office to train you or your personnel on specific topics such as software, basic PC or MAC skills, or digital imaging. Training excludes topics containing any proprietary Ciphertek Systems information.

If you would like to stop by for a visit, or you need directions, see our Contact Us page.

Remote Support

Need Immediate Support Now?
Initiate a secure, PCI compliant, remote support session and our certified technicians will work to resolve computer issues over then internet.

Remote Help Desk

Need troubleshooting support
Remote Help Desk clients have access to a dedicated portal to initiate support requests by submitting tickets into our ticket system.

Onsite Dispatch

Complex Problem
Sometimes a problem requires a Ciphertek technician to be onsite. Schedule an onsite dispatch now!